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Four Books for the Apocalypse – Hilary Mantel


Exeposé Books editors Emma Holifield and Sophie Beckett were lucky enough to speak to best-selling author and double Man Booker prize winner Hilary Mantel. A full interview will feature in the next issue of Exeposé. But if you can’t wait until then, here is Hilary’s answer to our regular ‘Four Books for the Apocalypse’ feature to whet your appetite!

4 booksExeposé Books: If the Apocalypse was coming and you could only read four books ever again, what would they be?

Hilary Mantel: Well I would definitely take my complete works of Shakespeare and I know that’s a desert island cliche. I often feel that even when they say you can take the Bible or Shakespeare, sometimes people wouldn’t actually want them. But I really genuinely would! I think I would like a big poetry book, probably one of the big Oxford compilations, a selection of verses and other than that I’m not quite sure! How much time have we got before the Apocalypse? Is this the time to tackle Proust? I never got more than a few pages into Remembrance of Things Past. I’m told I’m missing a good deal so let’s put that on the list. Okay, as I’ve got four I’ll have my favourite book from childhood which is Robert Louis Stevenson’s Kidnapped. So that should keep me going I should think!

Don’t forget to look out for the full interview with Hilary Mantel in the next issue of Exeposé!

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