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Arts Recommend: Infinity mirror room, nuclear time lapse map, and more …


Every week we bring you our special selection of all things arty. From interesting websites to highly anticipated performances for your diary, there is something to spark all kinds of creative interest.

1. Macro Snowflake Photos

Image credit: Alexey Klkatov via Demilked
Image credit: Alexey Klkatov via Demilked

“Russian photographer Alexey Kljatov has created an ingenious and inexpensive DIY camera rig capable of capturing excellent close-up pictures of snowflakes… Snowflakes are the perfect models – no two are exactly alike, so each picture will be unique!” Read the full article here on Demilked online magazine, and see more of these intricate photographs.

2. Faces in Things Twitter

Image credit: @facespics on Twitter
Image credit: @facespics on Twitter

This rather bizarre, yet entertaining Twitter page shows faces which have appeared in everyday objects. From trees to drain covers, you’d be surprised at the objects in which faces can be found. For some essay procrastination visit the Twitter page here.

3. Withnail and I @ Old Timers

Image Credits: Theatre With Teeth

Aptly performed at Old Timers bar, Theatre With Teeth’s decision to adapt the cult classic film Withnail and I into a play is brave and exciting. This is not to be missed! Showing on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th December at 7.30pm.

To reserve tickets email fl257@exeter.ac.uk.

4. Infinity Mirrored Room in New York by Yavoi Kusama

Image credit: Yayoi Kusama via Demilked

Kusama’s incredible installation at the David Zwirner Gallery, New York, “creates the appearance of endless, near-boundless space.” Read the full article with many more images here on Demilked.

5. Time-lapse map of all 2053 nuclear explosions which took place 1945-1998

Japanese artist Isao Hashimoto has used art to make us aware of  “the fear and folly of nuclear weapons.” The video slowly builds up into an unnervingly beautiful map of all the nuclear explosions which happened between 1945-1998. Watch this with the sound on.

Bryony James and Giverny Masso

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