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Vine on Vines: 10 Vines That Sum Up How Third Year Feels


You may have heard of Vine, the internet’s latest social networking tool which lets you take a looping mini video to upload onto twitter or Facebook. What you don’t know is that it was named after our very own Lifestyle contributor, Emily Vine.

Here she lets you know how she’s feeling about third year in Vine format…

The reality of final year has suddenly hit home like a large and unnecessarily heavy job rejection letter, and with it has emerged the awful truth that there is no time to do anything ever again. For most students, third year proves to be a wonderfully impractical combination of having more work, more responsibility with societies and actually more friends than the previous two years put together.

Sometimes the realisation that you have too many things can do at once can get a bit overwhelming:

In an ideal world, any free time you get will involve some kind of sleep based activity:

Consequently whenever anyone tries to get you to do anything that doesn’t involved sleep:

“Dude stop I’m busy!”

About six weeks into term you realise it’s ok not to do any seminar reading because you, the lecturer and everyone else on your course share exactly the same mentality:

“Sometimes we just don’t care”

And you find that your friends have become a helpfully self-destructive procrastination support group

By third year you will have probably specialised into some obscure niche of your subject area which has been relatively neglected by previous scholarship (and probably for good reason too.)

Whether you’re working on a dissertation on the depiction of bodily fluid in the works of Thomas Hardy or an oddly specific research project involving the sex lives of mitochondria, you may well reach a point where you question whether your chosen subject contributes anything positive to society.

“Why the fuck are we learning this?”

You will also begin to question your ability to do your own subject, particularly when it comes to convincing your tutor that you’ve managed to come up with a rational line of argument for your essay:  “I have nothing”

Faced with this overwhelming list of things to do, places to be and lots of very important people to see coffee will become a staple foodstuff:

In fact, you may find that food in general has become a coping strategy:

On the plus side, going out in third year is more fun than it’s ever been, and everyone else in Arena is dancing ironically, right… right?! No one’s actually taking this seriously are they?

And even though you and your housemates have perfected your comedy synchronised dancing routine, you can’t help feeling old and just a little bit less cool than everyone else there…

Emily Vine

How is third year going for you? Let Exeposé Lifestyle know on twitter, on Facebook or in the comments below…

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