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Exeter’s favourite alumnus decided


After whittling down the competition to just three and seeing the vote count soar to over 1000, we finally have a clear winner. Thom Yorke has been voted the University of Exeter’s favourite alumnus. He finished up with 51% of the vote (599) comfortably beating his closest rival, JK Rowling by 252 votes. Will Young, who managed an early lead after the first two days of voting, faded badly, finishing with 19% of the vote.

Photo Credit: wonker via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: wonker via Compfight cc

Before voting began, JK Rowling had seemed the obvious favourite, writing the Harry Potter fantasy series which has gained world wide attention, won multiple awards and sold more than 400 million copies. In fact, some had even questioned why Exeposé Comment had bothered to seek out a vote fearing it would be too much of a one horse race. How wrong they were. Thom Yorke was lagging behind in the poll up until Thursday, only managing 20% of the vote with Rowling way out in front. Dom Madar’s piece certainly helped Yorke’s case with votes in his favour rising at a rate of knots after it went online. So who exactly is Exeter’s favourite alumnus?  During his time at Exeter, Thom Yorke was a DJ in the Lemon Grove and also helped set up the Cavern Club. He is most famous for being the lead singer, pianist, guitarist and chief songwriter of Radiohead. They’ve sold over 30 million albums worldwide. In 2005, Radiohead were ranked number 73 in Rolling Stone’s list of “The Greatest Artists of All Time”. Thom has been outspoken on various contemporary political and social issues. Thom’s activism in support of fair trade practices, with an anti-WTO and anti-globalisation stance, garnered significant attention in the early 2000s. For a full acount, see Dom’s account here, or Callum Burrough’s piece. Overall, the total vote surpassed the total number who voted in the recent Blurred Lines student referendum. Dave Reynolds and James Bennett, Online Comment Editors Harrison Jones and Tom Elliott, Online News Editors Leave a comment below or write to the Comment team at the Exeposé Comment Facebook Group or on Twitter @CommentExepose. Follow @ExeposeNews on Twitter and like us here on Facebook.

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