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Exehibition: Raúl Ramírez


Each week we will be showcasing the work of a student artist. If you would like your work to feature then please email arts@exepose.com. This week’s Exehibition is Raúl Ramírez with his incredible stylised drawings of the female form. 

Image courtesy of the artist
Image courtesy of the artist

Human figure and technique were the words that I always heard during my four years as a student in Fine Arts. And starting from there I realized that if I wanted to communicate ideas related to specific behaviours or poses that people use to express themselves, I should keep trying to find my own way to do it. In Chile (the place where I come from), painting in a realist style is a popular and major part of contemporary art while drawing and sketching is always seen as part of the process but never as the final artwork. In my artwork, I want to transform this idea of drawing to become a product in itself.

Image courtesy of the artist
Image courtesy of the artist

Lines and the atmosphere they create are essential elements of my work. This line must be strong and delicate at the same time, and can even be ‘transparent’. In reality when the sun touches the skin, the line that separates figure and background disappears. That is what I want to explore in my work; how the line can communicate and support my illustrations and drawings like an extension of the image. Maybe the naked woman is not the most important thing on the paper; the line might be the most provocative element.

Image courtesy of the artist

The media I normally use are extremely simple and must be that way because they are always with me. Paper, sketchbooks, pencils and pens are always packed in my bag. It is incredible the number of opportunities that you can find when you are walking around or having coffee somewhere. Suddenly you can quickly draw the form of a couple that are seated in front of you. This is why I always need to keep pens and paper with me.

Image  courtesy of the artist
Image courtesy of the artist

Currently I will keep discovering and exploring human tendencies to transform and propose them as an extension of what we are or what we want to experience. Women in complicated dress, fancy objects and crazy parties are my inspiration to create attractive or intriguing scenes. I’m a fan of the human figure, especially depicted with stylized curves and provocative poses. Someone, or a situation, can be attractive in a very basic way, but attractive enough to love.

Raúl Ramírez

To see more of Raúl’s work click here.

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