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Reggie the Snowman’s Christmas Adventure


When Reggie the blow-up snowman was rescued from his Poundland prison by Meg Drewett, Overlord of the Snowmen, he had no idea what an adventure lay in store for him.

Wanting to show him the world beyond his Sidwell Street home, Olivia and Kitty took him on a Christmas journey around campus that he would never forget…

Reggie began his journey in the A&V hub…


He then stopped off to check in at his new part-time job at Kitchen Deli: “Snow me the money!”


 Even though he’s only been on-campus for a day, Reggie already has a keen bunch of study buddies in the Terrace!


Being a snowman is hungry work, and what better place to stop off for a tasty iceberg-er than the Ram?


After drinking the Ram dry, Reggie was snow-ballin’…


A slightly more sozzled Reggie was distracted by the pretty Ram Christmas tree lights. Come on Reggie!


An Exeter snowman through and through, Reggie checked himself out in a stylish Exeter beanie!


Being the only snowman on campus can be lonely so Reggie went to the Adv-ice Centre for some help.


Feeling once more proud of his snowy heritage, Reggie admired the delightfully festive Forum.


Though Reggie is a great student, he is often getting sl-hushed for talking in the library.


Reggie loves to help people out: “It’s n-ice to see you!”

For a cool guy, Reggie sure has a warm heart.


To Reggie’s surprise, it turns out that campus isn’t just a winter wonderland but is amazing all year round!


He really wishes he had brought his b-icicle along though!


Reggie was snowboard waiting for his washing to finish.


Reggie loves a good ice-shelfie!


Presents are important to little Reggie. Let’s just hope he doesn’t find a lump of cold in his stocking…


Of course, no day with Reggie would be complete without reading Exeposé showing that he is snow-flake when it comes to supporting his favourite student rag.


After a long day skiing around Exeter’s campus, it was time for a nap for Olivia, Reggie and Kitty.


Look out for Reggie around campus this week to take an ice pic-k with Exeter’s favourite snowy guy.


Olivia Luder, Online Editor and Kitty Howie, Lifestyle Editor

With thanks to Meg Drewett for the loan of Reggie…

Do you know any awesome wintry inflatables? Let Exeposé Lifestyle know on twitter, on Facebook or in the comments below…

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