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Plans to close St Luke’s Bop

Image credit: exeter.ac.uk
Image credit: exeter.ac.uk

The Bop, the St. Luke’s student nightclub, is under threat of closure after over three decades of use.  The future of the Bop is being questioned due to the increasing difficulty to cover the costs of running the event given low footfall in recent months.

An increase in competition and student nights outside of the St. Luke’s campus is believed to be a principal factor contributing to the low levels of attendance. Discussions by Exeter Student Events, who work in partnership with the University to provide the Bop, have also identified a lack of students living on campus and shift in the demographic of students studying on St. Luke’s as possible reasons.

Exeter Student Events has issued a ‘Last Bop? Your Choice’ campaign on social networking site Facebook to notify students of the uncertain prospects. The event tells potential attendees that low attendances at these events would result in the event being stopped for the foreseeable future.

A spokesperson for the event commented: “We are allowing those on campus to make the decision about whether they want to see the event continue or not and this will be signalled by attendance levels at the remaining events this term”.

“We are questioning whether low attendances signal that students are no longer wishing to support the event, and instead, prefer attending establishments in town instead.” Seun Olusanya, a first year Medicine student living on St. Luke’s said: “from what I’ve heard the Bop used to offer a lot more in the way of entertainment and so it used to attract more people”. If the closure of the Bop is to be realised, Exeter Student Events and the St. Luke’s Entertainment Committee, who oversee the Bop, are exploring alternatives such as previously successful hypnosis shows.

A decision regarding the future of the Bop will be made following the upcoming Bop nights in conjunction with discussions with stakeholders such as the Students’ Guild. A spokesperson for the Exeter Student Events told Exeposé: “we are hopeful that students will continue to support the event and attendance at the next two events will increase”.

Jak Curtis-Rendall, VP PAC, commented that “The Bop has a long history at St. Luke’s, and is a traditional part of the Lukie experience. I am currently supporting the ongoing discussions between the University and Exeter Student Events about the future of the Bop and would encourage students to come along and support the event”.

Lauren Swift, Copy Editor

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