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Five Things You Could’ve Bought Yourself For Christmas If You Hadn’t Done A Degree


So, degrees these days are worth around £40,000. We know you won’t have to pay that back all in one go, but sooner or later we will have to start paying for it. These are just some of the things you could eventually buy yourself for Christmas if you hadn’t done a degree.

1. A House and Shop

Image Credits: Bradleys Estate Agents
Image Credits: Bradleys Estate Agents

For £35,000, this house and pet shop could be yours. Situated in Topsham, it has two large double bedrooms, an adequately sized kitchen and living room, and you could run your very own pet shop!

2. A Car

Image Credits: Mercedes Benz
Image Credits: Mercedes Benz

You can buy a Mercedes Benz A-class for as little as £20,000, so you may as well have two for the price your degree will cost.

3. Kate Middleton’s Engagement Ring

Image Credits: Huffington Po
Image Credits: Huffington Post/ PA

Prince Charles spent £28,000 on Diana’s engagement ring, which has since been passed to Kate Middleton. It may be worth a lot more now, but still, you could’ve swapped two years of 9ams and exams for that iconic ring.

4.  A Luxury 5* Stay on a Private Island For You, Your Family and Friends 

Image Credits: Carters News Agency
Image Credits: Carters News Agency
Image Credits: Carters News Agency

Okay, so it’s only for one night, but you will have an island all to yourself and your family and friends, with 5* luxury facilities and the most perfect surroundings. It’s basically like Lost meets The Ritz.

5. Duncan Bannatyne- 8 Day’s Hire

Image Credits: Paul Grover
Image Credits: Paul Grover

At £5,000 a day hire, Duncan Bannantyne could be yours for a whole eight days. Think of what you could do in that time… who needs University to start a business, when you have your own personal dragon obeying your every command.


Okay, so realistically, a degree is worth a lot more in life value than a one night stay on an exotic island, but it’s always nice to dream about what could have been. What would you buy yourself for £40,000?

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Meg Lawrence, Online Features Editor

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