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New voting system installed for Students’ Guild AGM


students' guildOn Wednesday 11 December 2013, the Students’ Guild Annual General Meeting is due to take place in the Amory Moot Room at 1pm.

The meeting allows students to approve or reject the Guild’s financial decisions made in the past year as well as other business matters including the approval of auditors who are in charge of managing and verifying the accounts.  Students can either attend the AGM themselves or pass a proxy vote to an elected officer via the Guild’s Website.

This year, the Guild has installed an ‘informed voting system’ that not only allows students of the University to nominate a proxy on their behalf, but also means they can instruct their representative in how to make use of their vote.

At least 2.5 per cent of the student body are required to vote by law which is the principal reason of the ‘informed voting system’ online, although this has also been made available for those situated on the Tremough Campus or St Luke’s as live streaming of the meeting cannot be guaranteed.

Peter Tse, a second year English student commented: “With so much going on throughout university life, the incredible work of the Student’s Guild can’t go without the full recognition they deserve. Within that are the financial details, which can be seen as irrelevant for an everyday student. That’s why it is even more important that we vote in the AGM and find out what it’s about”.

It is a legal requirement that the Guild provides its members with annual financial reports which disclose any donations made to external organisations and guild affiliations. These reports will be made accessible online from 3 December.

Vanessa Tracey, Copy Editor

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