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Review: Homeland Series Three

Claire Danes remains brilliant as the troubled Carrie
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Laura Hutchinson goes crazy for Carrie in series three of Homeland

After the climactic end to the second season of Homeland, with the CIA headquarters the target of a terrorist bomb attack, the return of the third series, which started earlier this Autumn, was much anticipated.

We are teased by the noticeable absence of man- on-the-run Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) from the outset. He has appeared in only two episodes so far, leaving an audience slightly unsatisfied but undoubtedly hooked.

With the focus gone from the protagonist who usually commands our screens, we are confronted with those who are left behind in Washington D.C. This series so far has acted as more of an exhibition of the effect that the events of previous series had on the characters, allowing a chance for the actors to conduct a deeper personal exploration of their roles.

As always, the acting is first class, with multiple Emmy winner Clare Danes leading as the erratic but brilliant Carrie Mathison. Carrie, heartbroken, tormented and disgraced, seeks justice for ex-lover Brody, whilst the American government cling to him for someone to blame the disaster on.

Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin), Carrie’s CIA mentor and trusted friend, re-establishes himself as one of the cast’s most valuable actors, whilst also moving into Brody’s recently frequented spotlight as the new male lead.

Now acting director of the CIA, in the first few episodes he convinces viewers that his new found power has gone to his head, aiding Carrie’s submission to a psychiatric unit and betraying her reputation on worldwide television, seamlessly changing his soft and supportive characteristics from series one and two, to a character far more authoritative and unyielding.

Convict in Caracas
Image Credit: Showtime

But like every great thriller, this series is filled with twists and surprises, and his damnation of Carrie is all within a grander plan, one of many cleverly constructed plot lines.

The Brody family are also further put under the microscope this series, revealing a broken home and a damaged daughter. The strain of having your father being branded ‘America’s most wanted’ is all too much for teenager Dana Brody (Morgan Saylor), who amongst other things, attempts suicide, steals a car and runs off with her boyfriend from her therapy group.

Although the pace and action of the series so far seems a little stilted, under no circumstances can it be considered the ‘calm after the storm’.

The thrill, suspense and psychological intensity is as present as ever, and with new characters and complex storylines being introduced on a weekly basis.

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