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Alternative Christmas Films #1: Die Hard


Will the Die Hard cowboy have a chance against the Christmas Canon? Katherine Perrington says Yippe Ki Yeah it will.

Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, Die Hard is, and always will be, one of the greatest action films ever made.

Its Christmas eve and off-duty New York police officer John McClane (Bruce Willis) fights twelve extremely lethal and well organised criminals, led by Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman). Gruber is performing a heist on an L.A skyscraper using a faked terrorist attack as cover and taking hostages including McClane’s wife, Holly (Bonnie Bedelia). What more could you possibly want in a Christmas film?

Image Credit: The Guardian

Rickman’s portrayal of evil Hans Gruber is not to be sidelined as he gives a brilliant and memorable performance along with the other cast members.

Sure its not perfect, the continuity department seemed to enjoy more than a few breaks, but if anything it only adds to the ongoing legendary status of this action masterpiece.

Watch along while McClane’s tank top becomes bloodier and bloodier, as he kills fake terrorists and scrawls threatening messages on their corpses, “Now I have a machine gun ho ho ho.”

Willis adds realism to his role as McClane, a hero who is scared and begs God to let him live. He is tough,deadly and wise-cracking but he is also human and Willis gives a perfect portrayal of these emotions in this film, which he unfortunately never satisfactorily gives again in the Die Hard franchise.

 So if you’re bored of the family Christmas films this year, wondering what to watch next on Netflix or just want to view a classic of the action genre then give Die Hard a watch. I guarantee you will not regret it and will soon be yelling Yippee Ki-Ay Motherfucker for the rest of the holidays!

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