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Review: Walking Dead


Adam Turnbull finds The Walking Dead infectious.

With the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead approaching, viewers are expected to be both clinging to their seats in suspense and holding back the tears as a main character’s death is rumoured.

Ever since Season Three’s finale, there was always doubt as to whether Season Four would live up to the high standards that had been set. However, this October, Season Four exploded onto our seasons with absorbing storylines, heart racing action and just as much blood and guts as before.

The talented writers have proven that in a world of madness and opposition, from both the living and the dead, a sense of community is still possible. Throughout the seasons, viewers have grown to see Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the group as a second family.

The unpredictable storylines commonly cause both shock and tears amongst fans. The most prominent scene for me was Lori’s (Sarah Wayne Callies) death in Season Three, which was a devastating blow to both the group and viewers. It resulted in Carl (Chandler Riggs), having to take charge and kill his now zombie mother. Rick was left engulfed in mourning and depression as a result of losing his wife and having to raise a now motherless baby. However, rather than tearing the group apart, it made them closer, making their survival even more important.

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Season Four so far has seen Carol (Melissa McBride) being unpredictably banished by Rick, for doing what she thought was best for the group’s survival, as well as a mysterious flu academic taking over the group, most prominently Glenn (Steven Yeun), who, without antibiotics, could die (and you guessed it, turn into a zombie).

After The Governor’s disappearance, fans have awaited his return and the consequences it will have on the group. Fans were given an insight into where he went during episodes six and seven. He is shown as having lost everything and everyone. However after monitoring the prison, Rick and the group, he is now back with a new group and longs for revenge.

The Walking Dead has never disappointed with its midseason finales. Norman Reedus (Daryl) promises the midseason finale will be “mind blowing, we thought last season was real good. This seasons crazy good. It’s nut’s, you’ll love it.”

With expected intense storylines and rumours of looming deaths. It has never been a better time to hibernate, prolong essays and deadlines and catch up with The Walking Dead. I can promise you, you will not be disappointed.

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