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Building to be restored at St Luke’s Campus

Image credit: Smalljim
Image credit: Smalljim

Over 200 new jobs are to be created under new building plans to restore a disused accommodation block on St Luke’s campus.

The structure is to be rejuvenated into a four storey building and is to house offices that will be used by the medical department.

The “landmark” building will hold 260 existing university jobs as well as the proposed 240 extra roles created and it is thought that the new plans will provide a boost for the local economy.

Cllr Pete Edwards said: “The jobs it creates will be highly skilled and will bring a lot of money to the city. We are desperately trying to make it a growth city and the people who study and work there will not have far to go shopping in the city centre.”

Local resident Lucy Mallet stated: “It is out of character. The university wants this to be a visible signpost for campus. But the neighbours will be dwarfed by the added storey.”

The reformed plans endeavour to address these issues through the lightening of the building, the addition of glazing and setting the site back in an attempt to make it more discreet.

Second year English student, Laura-Jane Tiley, said: “I think it’s great that the university is expanding. I’m sure it’ll be a huge help to all the medical students and staff – I personally can’t wait to have a peek at the building when it’s finished!”

Second year Economics student, Georgia Hill, added: “I can definitely see where the residents were coming from but I hope the altered plans will soothe any anxieties they had about the site.”

James Pidduck, News Team

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