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Catch up with XpressionFM’s soap Union Road



It’s the brand new radio soap on Xpression FM – and so much has happened in its first four episodes! Creator and writer Graham Eveleigh is here to remind you what has happened… and look at what is coming up too…


The cast of Union Road. Left to right: Lola (Maddie Soper), Jake (William Moore), Katya (Maddie Joint), Linda (Lucy Kinghorn), Jenny (Hannah Cummings), Ian (James Alston), George (Jack Sheeran), Harriet (Alexandra Newton), Samuel (Jon Jones), Mary (Sophie Weeks), Billy (Gabby Freeman), Thomas (Jordan Edgington).


Have you heard?! MR LAZENBY IS DEAD!

And he leaves behind a family at war, his children battling it out for the inheritance of his respectable solicitors’ firm, Lazenby & Sons. George, the eldest and also the most abrasive, is desperate for the firm. Ian was “always the favourite.” Youngest Samuel has no interest in the firm or his warring family. And it goes to…. Harriet!?

Union Road episode 1 (Wednesday 13 November 2013) by Union Road on Mixcloud

Link to http://www.mixcloud.com/UnionRoadOfficial/union-road-episode-1-wednesday-13-november-2013/

George soon declared war on Harriet, who didn’t want the firm at all… until George said she was doomed to failure. But how will she cope with the stress? And what is George’s plan to topple her? The Lazenby battle is set to run and run! Matters were complicated further when Mr Lazenby’s post mortem found that he was murdered! But by whom?

George? Ian? Harriet? Samuel? Or someone else…?

But there’s so much more happening on Union Road. Mr Lazenby was also the landlord of the student house, the home of the charming Jake and dedicated athlete Lola. Lola reacted badly to a practical joke of Jake’s, furious that it set her training back. When Jake tried to make it up to her she misread the signals and tried to kiss him. (She is near enough the only person in Exeter that Jake is yet to kiss!) But at the moment his eyes are set firmly on one person… and that person is Samuel Lazenby. Meanwhile, Lola’s 2016 Olympic aspirations may soon be halted by terrible news…

Union Road episode 2 (Wednesday 20 November 2013) by Union Road on Mixcloud

Link to http://www.mixcloud.com/UnionRoadOfficial/union-road-episode-2-wednesday-20-november-2013/

Hilarious street gossip Linda revels in everyone’s bad news, and there is plenty of it about at the moment! Landlord of The Union Arms Jenny tries to keep her in check, whilst offering her matriarchal support for all the residents, but is there someone she is forgetting…? Her friend Katya was engaged to Mr Lazenby and is inconsolable when he dies. She’s the only one that cares about the man, as opposed to caring about his money, or his firm. But sympathy for her is waning, leading to disastrous consequences…

Union Road episode 3 (Wednesday 27 November 2013) by Union Road on Mixcloud

Link to http://www.mixcloud.com/UnionRoadOfficial/union-road-episode-3-wednesday-27-november-2013/

Elsewhere on the street, the mysterious Mary Stone is moving in. She is fiercely protective of her young son Billy, to the point where it is stifling him. She instantly sees something in handsome workman Thomas, and vice versa. But the path of true love never runs smooth on Union Road, as on their first meeting she suspects him of kidnapping Billy and slaps him! They gradually reconcile and she opens up about her past more and more… but there’s still so much Thomas doesn’t know…

Union Road episode 4 (Wednesday 4 December 2013) by Union Road on Mixcloud

Link to http://www.mixcloud.com/UnionRoadOfficial/union-road-episode-4-wednesday-4-december-2013/

Mary is our eyes and ears – she moves into Union Road in the first episode, and it is through her that we first see this divided street. But every week it is a new story, new guest characters, new dramatic twists and exciting developments. Whenever you tune in, there will be something big happening on Union Road.

Especially at Christmas…

Union Road’s bumper Christmas special will be broadcast on Wednesday 11 December at the earlier time of 5.30pm on Xpression FM (www.xpressionfm.info). For more information visit and ‘like’ our Facebook page (search: Union Road).




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