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Exeposé’s MOP of the Year 2013


In light of wanting to highlight the worst of Exeter, Exeposé is proud to launch our first ‘MOP’ (Most Obnoxious Person) of the Year Award.

From committing Exeposé‘s favourite cardinal sin – talking in silent study rooms, to using the print room computers to go on Facebook during deadlines, these people are a collection of total scumbags.

The winner will win the prize of free Exeposé‘s for a year. Very exciting, we know.

Obviously, there are many, many more obnoxious people than our initial list could fit but that’s fine as you can always try your hardest to make everyone intensely dislike you next year. We find that hogging a table in the Kitchen Deli all to yourself during peak time or checking out all the books your course needs for an essay before everyone-else are good places to start.

Now… on with the list. Simply click on the ‘MOP’ button below to find out who has been nominated!

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