Home News University hockey player heads to Scotland after losing ‘Edinburgh Fives’

University hockey player heads to Scotland after losing ‘Edinburgh Fives’

Image credit: Exeter University Hockey Club
Image credit: Exeter University Hockey Club

An Exeter student has begun a sixteen and a half hour train journey to Scotland and back after losing a game of ‘Edinburgh Fives’.

As the losing player in what the Exeter University Men’s Hockey Club (EUMHC) have called an ‘honoured tradition’, 1st team goalkeeper Jack Banister boarded a train at 6.20am this morning and will be travelling until around 10.45pm tonight.

Following attention from Edinburgh Hockey Club last year, EUMHC’s ‘Edinburgh Fives’ became an online viral hit picking up over 30,000 views on YouTube and resulting in articles from publications all over the UK.

The game took place at the EUMHC Christmas Dinner.

EUMHC Club Captain Sam Plater said: “Edinburgh Fives has been running at the EUMHC Christmas Dinner for the last few years and is now a time honoured tradition. The hype and excitement that builds up from as early as September creates a fantastic buzz amongst the second and third years and quite a level of anticipation amongst our first years.”

Only first year students take part in the competition. Last year’s losing competitor was Ben Sully.

“As last year’s video showed the unfortunate, or fortunate – dependent on outlook on life, fresher who makes the voyage north leaves a loser but returns a mighty hero and legend of the club. Edinburgh (Hockey Club) make our intrepid explorer feel very welcome and we now have created a return link when our Scottish counterparts send one of their own down to us in February. We have built up a relationship with other clubs and created a now legendary event in the social calendar.”

Tom Elliott, Online News Editor

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