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Comment on Britain’s Horniest Student


With the recent news that the University are planning to discipline Britain’s horniest student, Comment Editors James Bennett and Dave Reynolds ask if this is the best response.

It is understandable why the University has decided to take such a strong stance against poor Elina Desaine. With all of the fuss surrounding the infamous Ram blowjob video and the cancellation of the SSB, you can see why the University is unhappy with yet more tales of promiscuous activities, regardless of their being true or not. Having recently been awarded the Sunday Times University of the Year award for 2012 and climbing into the top 10 in the League rankings, the University is starting to take itself a lot more seriously.

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Is this Britain’s Horniest Cow?
Photo Credit: tricky (rick harrison) via Compfight cc

Despite all of this, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to the University that students have sex sometimes. Instead of disciplining her, we’d argue that the University should be doing all it can to help the student deal with the intense media pressure she’s undoubtedly received. We’re pretty sure when she applied for this award, she didn’t expect such a backlash from the national media and the University. Why do they need to get involved at all? As long as it doesn’t affect her academic performance, is there really a problem?

The counter to this may be that as part of her competition entry, her application included a fabricated story regarding the misuse of the University’s facilities, which means that they have no choice but to get involved.  This choice of story may have been unwise, but seeing as it evidently didn’t actually happen, do the University have any right to get involved? Article 5.1 of the General Regulations for Students says that, “Students are expected to conform to a reasonable standard of behaviour and may be subject to disciplinary action by the University where they fail to do so including where such failure brings the name of the University into disrepute.” So, at least according to the current regulations, the University does have the right to bring Elina in for a disciplinary hearing.

Fiona Potigny argues that, “the worst bit about it is that this was the first “major non-academic disciplinary” this year according to the news article. The infamous Ram couple didn’t have to undergo any disciplinary measures for something they DID do, so why is she being punished for something she didn’t?”

The bigger question is whether having horny students actually does the University’s reputation any harm. We’d say it probably doesn’t. We’re not sure how well Britain’s Horniest Student is doing in her chosen degree, but if she’s made it this far without being chucked out she can’t be doing that badly. And isn’t academic achievement really first and foremost in the making of a university’s reputation?


Dave Reynolds and James Bennett

Is horniness detrimental to the University’s reputation? Should the Regulations for Students be updated to be more specific regarding what is meant by, “a reasonable standard of behaviour”? Leave a comment below or write to the Comment team at the Exeposé Comment Facebook Group or on Twitter @CommentExepose.

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