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This is a poem/Writer’s Bloc – Creative Fridays


It’s our final Creative Fridays of term! We bring you two fantastic poems by Peter Tse to see out the term in style…


Photo Credit : Bob Dass
Photo Credit : Bob Dass

This is a poem


Not a poem about writing poetry.

This is a poem

With its deliberately end-stopped lines.

Self-conscious, carefully selected

Enjambment. Don’t forget to vary

your lines,

varied line length





A very important effect.


Choose words that create iridescence,

that are sonically mellifluous.

Give simple words a chance too –

an exorbitant smorgasbord of esoteric words can awkward a line.


Give the beat a bit of a chance

to find itself some rhythm,

you don’t want to force it

finding beats to just fill pentameter.


Play with words to create metaphor,

like a child playing with bread dough

really, that’s what words are for –

to plant an image and make it grow.


Plants grow like people –

Personification –

It’s a form of metaphor

Or more generally, a trope.

There’s something to avoid,


It doesn’t add to the poem

It’s superfluous, it’s unnecessary

And slows lines down

Like a car running out of fuel.



add the odd ambiguous line

challenge the reader’s preconceptions of the poem,

challenge their slowly forming conclusion of the poem

Cheese is fine.



Writer’s Bloc

Photo Credit : bibekthecrony
Photo Credit : bibekthecrony

The sky is blue

The clouds are white

The sea is blue

Unless it’s night

The sun is bright

It gives us light.


Mix those paints there –

On that blank canvas


Blue and white make light blue

They make the sky white

They make the clouds blue.


Blue and black make dark blue

They make the sea black

And the sea less black.


Set it on fire

To get a bright light.


I tried to paint the sea view

At day,

But the sky is blue

And the sea is blue.


Then I tried to paint the sea view

At night,

But the sky was black

So the sea was black.


There was a star in the night,

It could be seen in the sea.

Yellow is not bright enough

Nor white,

Nor yellow and white,

Nor yellow and white and orange,

With a sprinkle of cheap glitter.


Set it on fire

To get a bright light.


Peter Tse


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