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Five things that non-gamers think about gamers


1. Why don’t they just go outside?


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A simple answer to a simple question; why would you want to? Game developers (in role playing games especially) purpose-build their game environments from the ground up to immerse the player fully in their world. Skyrim’s Tamriel, Red Dead Redemption’s Wild West and GTA V’s Los Santos all glue their gamers to their screens using graphical fidelity, spontaneous gameplay events and environmental storytelling among much more. So when given the choice between strolling through a nondescript wood in dreary England or doing so in a world only to find an enormous fire- breathing dragon flying overhead, I know what I’d choose.

2. They are childish

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Despite gamings move closer to the cultural mainstream, perceptions of gamers as immature persist unabated, where the uninitiated still view gaming as a valueless waste of time. However, as gamers we should restrain our indignity in favour of pity to those who hold such views, while we continue to make impossibly difficult life and death choices in The Walking Dead and ponder the meaning of life in Journey. We are aware that video games can be valued in the same way as literature and film, as games tackle a wide range of adult themes, rich narratives and interaction thats can be found in a two hour experience in the same way as in a ten hour interactive drama such as Beyond: Two Souls.


3. They are impressionable

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Stereotypes of gamers range from the bizarre to the downright ridiculous, a good example being the mysterious compulsion gamers purportedly have to replicate transgressive ideas and actions that they experience in their games. At least that is what non-gamers would have the ignorant believe, which shows the response of a group to something they simply do not understand. Gamers take on a role and they become fully absorbed in that character. However, the link between video game violence for example and real world violence is a tenuous one at best. Any individual with any exposure to a game franchise such as Call of Duty will be aware of this fact, and it could even be argued that gamers can become more sympathetic to these issues.

4. They are lazy

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Granted, gaming is largely a sedentary pursuit, where most content is consumed with one hand on the controller and the other shovelling large amounts of food and drink health professionals may advise against. However, this isn’t the whole story, as some games focus primarily on getting the average gamer up and about such as Wii Fit or even Just Dance at parties (for the confident, or at least drunk). Regardless, studies show that whilst gamer’s bodies may not be being stretched, studies show that gamers mind’s become more agile than in any other activity. Maybe.

5. They are male

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Gaming continues to be seen by some as a restrictive medium in terms of gender. Military shooters and sports games for instance orientate and market themselves primarily towards men, when all gamers are aware that the diversity of the gamer reflects diversity of the industry itself. Gaming is as accessible as any other medium, and girls constitute a significant proportion of gamers. This is a notion some non-gamers find inconceivable and attempt to blend beauty and fashion with gaming, creating the ‘gamer girl’. This suggests that you must either be an attractive female or a male to take part in gaming, an ideal as absurd as those who perpetuate it.



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