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Exehibition: Hannah Peck


Each week we will be showcasing the work of a student artist. If you would like your work to feature then please email arts@exepose.com. This week’s Exehibition is Hannah Peck and her intricate illustrations.

Image credit: Hannah Peck
Image credit: Hannah Peck

When asked to write ‘about your work, what you do and how you do it’, it struck me that drawing with black pens on white paper (or occasionally cream when things get really interesting) gives me very little to expand upon technique-wise.

Image credit: Hannah Peck
Image credit: Hannah Peck

I could instead tell you that after being nagged for a few months by a pushy friend I decided to set up a Facebook page of some of my drawings about a year ago. After a few pity likes I decided to up the game by putting them on postcards, selling them in a café at home. From there they’ve somehow appeared around campus on stash t-shirts and logos (Razz my Berries and Pearshaped to name a couple – fruity) and soon to be iphone cases!

Style wise I think I was most inspired by the packaging of a well-known quiche company, local architecture / scenery, the stationery section of The Hambledon, Lazy Oaf and, (I wish I was) Shantell Martin. Despite all these claims I still struggle to use my scanner and still buy pens from Poundstretcher.

Image credit: Hannah Peck
Image credit: Hannah Peck

For more illustrations like ‘Hannah Peck Illustrations’ on Facebook here.

Hannah Peck

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