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Students raise a ‘fantashtic’ £12,800 for Movember

Image credit: Movember
Image credit: Movember

Last week saw the end of the University’s contribution to the national Movember campaign, where students and staff raised money in aid of promoting men’s health.

The aim of Exeter’s effort this year was to exceed last year’s total of £2,400. So far, this has been hugely surpassed, with this year’s total reaching £12,808. Universities across the country raised in excess of £1.5million.

Primarily, the charity encourages men to register online and earn sponsors by growing facial hair over November. From campus more than 150 people registered on the Movember website, where you can also donate to the charity. The University team included students, members of the Estate Patrol team and university senior managers.

A number of other fundraising events also took place throughout the month. These included a ‘Row for a Mo’ challenge, the AU Olympics and a 90 strong female contribution by the Exeter ‘Mo Sistas’ athletic tournament.

Additionally, to commemorate the end of the month, on Friday all students and staff were encouraged to dress up in a Movember theme and carry a donation box around with them.

When asked about the cause Harry Williams, RAG Movember Co-ordinator, said: “This is the biggest that Movember has ever been at the University of Exeter and more and more people are talking about what Movember is and what it promotes”.

President of EUSC, Dan Crawford, said of his club’s contribution: “the four of us from the swimming club were able to raise £74. We wanted to raise money for a good cause promoting men’s health within the club and Exeter”.

Jak Curtis-Rendall, VP Participation and Campuses, commented: “Congratulations are due to the organisers of this year’s Movember campaign who have ensured our most successful year yet. Movember is an important way of raising awareness of men’s health and mental health issues and I was pleased to take part alongside VPs Alex Louch and Chris Rootkin. I can’t wait for next year’s campaign”.

The month has been a great success, but for the charity it doesn’t end here. They will continue to fund men’s health programmes and create a greater awareness and understanding of the health risks men face such as: testicular and prostate cancer as well as mental illness.

You can find out more about the organisation and and donate here: www. uk.movember.com.

Emily Leahy, News Team
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