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Is Christmas overrated?


Becca Di Francesco believes that Christmas is still worth all of the hype.

I am one of those tinsel-infused twits. I recognise the rolling of eyes when I wear my Christmas cat jumper and I love every hyperbolic overrated second of Christmas.

Photo Credit: Malingering via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Malingering via Compfight cc

There’s no doubt that the “decorations of red on the green Christmas tree” have less to do with Santa’s favourite colour, and more to do with the stench of capitalism that overpowers the so-called season of goodwill. The commercialisation of Christmas has become so exaggerated it branches into the ridiculous. Advertisements scream at you that your mother will disown you if you were to buy her that set of scented toiletries, as oppose to this set, when in reality she’d just be happy to see you home and well fed. This aspect of Christmas is inescapable and undoubtedly more unwelcome than the Grinch in Whoville, but once you realise quite how ludicrous the methods companies will use to get their hands into your wallets are, it’s a lot easier to ignore.

Is the ‘season of goodwill’ just a big excuse for an excess of food and alcohol played to the backdrop of the same ten Christmas songs on repeat? Most probably, but as a student I’ve yet to understand why that’s a bad thing. We return home for a month of pretending essays and deadlines don’t exist , with the knowledge that our warm house will have consistently stocked food cupboards. As for the repeated Christmas songs, December is the only month in which it is socially acceptable to dance around the kitchen to Wham. Make the most of it.

Christmas has a different effect at our age compared to when we were children, but that doesn’t necessarily have to mean we grow out of it. We can just find different ways to celebrate and different toys to unwrap. We’re even old enough to experience that warm fuzzy feeling when you do a good deed, and whether it’s as a result of being guilt tripped by advertisements or not, a month of everyone trying to be a better person can’t be a bad thing.

I’d argue that Christmas is worth every ounce of its overrated-ness. Sure, the family might be itching on your nerves like a homemade woollen sweater as soon as you walk in the door, but just think of it as heart-warming to know that you’ve been missed. If that’s too sentimental for you, then remember that once you’re home those two hour 9am seminars for which you haven’t done the reading, disappear into half remembered daydreams.

And if you still insist in grumbling that ‘the best Christmases are behind us now’, I’m positive that after a glass or two of mulled wine, any Scrooge will find enjoyment in the magical twinkling of Christmas lights under a Winter night sky.

Becca Di Francesco

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