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A Holiday from Christmas Films


Katherine Watson recommends unseasonal films this Christmas. 

The experience of flicking through the TV channels and finding nothing but the same five Christmas films being shown for the tenth time in two days is one that is all too familiar in the final few days before Christmas.

Image credit: Collider
Image credit: Collider

Now I’m a huge fan of Christmas films, and completely understand how they are a necessary part of Christmas, but in the moments when I would rather be back in a lecture theatre than have to sit through Elf again, I turn to the channels bucking the trend and showing – horror of horrors! – unseasonal films.

These channels don’t choose the festive favourites to fill their airtime during the long lazy days of the Christmas break, but to classic movie marathons; and for me, these films are as essential to the traditional picture of Christmas as films like The Grinch and The Muppets Christmas Carol.

A day filled with the epic scale of Lord of the Rings or the general hilarity of Come Dine With Me (who can beat Dave Lamb as narrator?) is never a day wasted.

My favourite series however has to be The Chronicles of Narnia; granted, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe has a certain Christmas feel to it with the snow and the appearance of Father Christmas, but the sheer magic and adventure in these films (only the first two though; we don’t speak about The Voyage of the Dawn Treader) is enough to excite my inner child in the run up to Christmas.

Christmas has truly arrived when I’m sitting in my tinsel-adorned living room, snuggled under an entire bed’s worth of blankets with my sister, eating endless quantities of Quality Streets, ice-cream and Terry’s chocolate orange (which my dad has bought two weeks early in an attempt to be organized, naively assuming they will still be there on Christmas Day) watching all six Star Wars films…and then telling people what a productive day we’ve had.

After all, it is Christmas; how much more productive does a day need to be?

Katherine Watson

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