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Cereal – a different sort of magazine


Elli Christie, Book Editor, relaxes with a beautifully produced copy of the magazine Cereal… 

cerealQuarterly, £10

After having to read copious amounts of densely printed and written academic books last term, my eyes found relief in opening the minimalist pages of Cereal.

This magazine focuses just as much on the experience of reading as it does on the content itself. The pages are thick and the volume has a reassuring weight to it which makes it a luxurious read. However, I have to admit that I’m scared of marking any of the perfectly white pages and ruining this beautiful magazine!

Cereal manages to cover an impressive range of topics for a magazine that is supposedly ‘in pursuit of food and travel’. I’ve learnt about myths surrounding roses, edible insects and how the Giant’s Causeway was formed from only a couple of articles from one issue. Cereal ignores the philosophy of learning something new every day. Instead it demonstrates the hundreds of facts and ideas that can be grasped by an eclectic and enquiring reader.

There is also a wide range of travel destinations which are covered. While I can’t travel to the beaches of Santa Barbara in the immediate future I can imagine reaching the Causeway Coast, or even at a stretch Reykjavík. Despite being an unusual travel guide, Cereal could definitely act as one since it provides telephone codes and tourist websites.

My one reservation over recommending Cereal to others is the expense of a copy, which for a student is off-putting. It is definitely a luxury which can be returned to and appreciated on many different levels. However, this does make it less accessible than glossy magazines which can easily be picked up at any newsagents and treated without much thought.

For those looking for something different to read over the holidays Cereal is definitely a must. It brings back enjoyment not only to the act of reading but also to finding out knowledge as well.

Elli Christie, Books Editor

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