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Sabb nominations set to open on Monday

This year's SABBs. Image credit: Exeter Students' Guild
This year’s SABBs.
Image credit: Exeter Students’ Guild

On Monday 13 January, nominations open for the 2014 Sabbatical elections.

Voting for the 2014 SABB Elections open on Monday February 3, but students have the chance to nominate themselves in two days time. Candidate Training Week then begins on Monday 20th January, closing that Friday alongside nominations.

There are several positions which students can run for: President, VP Education (formerly VP Academic Affairs), VP Activities (formerly VP Participation & Campuses) and VP Welfare & Diversity (formerly VP Welfare & Community).

The President leads and directs the Students’ Guild, acting as its figurehead, and voices the opinions and views of students. Following a comprehensive internal review, the President now has the extra responsibility of taking a lead on Guild commercial services. The responsibility of the VP Academic Affairs is to ensure that students receive the best educational experience possible while maintaining current standards and driving further improvements. As an example, Alex Louch has been involved in making sure that there is high quality provision of study space on campus, while limiting hidden course costs and ensuring that students get feedback on their work within three weeks.

VP Activities is responsible for all the Guild’s Activities and Volunteering Groups, encompassing societies, student media, RAG, Community Action and Halls Committees. Student views will also be relayed to Employability and Graduate Development. VP Welfare & Diversity is responsible for issues and concerns regarding the wellbeing of students at university, and is also involved with student housing.

All students are encouraged to consider nominating themselves for the upcoming SABB elections, with the Guild stressing the opportunity to get involved in University life and represent fellow students. In order to increase electoral turnout, the International Students’ Officer, the Postgraduate Students’ Officer and the St Luke’s Officer will be elected at the same time as the Sabbatical officers.

Last year saw Hannah Barton emerge victorious in her bid to become Guild President, which has led to particular success in leading the Exeter Experience Project which received a record number of responses. Alex Louch became VP in Academic Affairs and, as a result, is now leading “Research Uncovered”, a project which has doubled the success of a previous scheme. Jak Curtis-Randall, VP in Participation, has worked with both the Students’ Guild and the University to boost funding for societies from £12,000 to £25,000 – double the previous funding. Chris Rootkin, VP Welfare and Community, is currently co-ordinating the Housing Fair which aims for students to make sensible choices in accommodation, budget and landlord. This year, however, sees significant changes following the review.

Conor Byrne, News Team

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