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Ambitious project on Exeter Quay takes to water

Image credit: Exeter Express and Echo
Image credit: Exeter Express and Echo

Plans have been proposed by the Exe Water Sports Association (EWSA) to build a world class water sports facility on the Exeter Quay.

The project, estimated to cost £4million, will be built on existing vacant land at the old John Bridger Marine site, near the existing club premises. The new facility promises a state of the art clubhouse, bigger boat houses and high quality equipment designed to accommodate the projected 70% increase in membership.

Detailed site, travel and ecology plans are currently being drawn up with the planning application set to be submitted in the next few months. The majority of the capital funding will come from Sport England, NGOs and commercial partners – they are also expected to contribute largely to the overall project fund.

Recent years have seen Exeter become home to some of Britain’s best sporting facilities on the land and now the EWSA are hoping to extend this to encompass water-based activities. The new water-sports centre would become a regional centre of excellence bringing the best dragon boaters, rowers and canoeists to the city. The club has even gone as far to state they hope “Exeter members will go on to National, International and Olympic success in the future”.

The new facilities will also allow the club to run local water sports courses for schools, colleges and university students in the area. At present member clubs are limited by equipment and facilities, but the £4million centre would make water sports more accessible to Exeter citizens.

Both the Exeter City Council Estates Department and the local Canal and Quay trust are in full support of the proposed plans. However, to explain and reassure residents, the EWSA will be holding a Public Consultation Meeting in the clubhouse on Wednesday 22 January 2012 from 4pm-8pm. The meeting is open to everyone and will provide more details about the project and its aims.

To find out more contact the project committee via secretary@exewatersports.org or visit their website on www.exewatersports.org.

Sophy Coombes-Roberts, Arts Editor

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