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A Song of Ice and Fire – George R. R. Martin


Lucy Porter has already written in praise of this fantasy series which, it turns out, isn’t just for fantasy geeks. Now Ifeoluwatolani Omotola adds her voice to the Exeposé clamour…

game of thronesAlthough I pride myself on being the kind of person who always picks a book over a movie, I admit that it was television that first introduced me to the world of Game of Thrones.  In my desperation during the season breaks I decided to give the books a try and saying that I devoured them would be an understatement. My initial start was slow since I was not accustomed to the style of writing. It is very technical and descriptive, fitting the setting of the books.

However, once I got past the initial introduction, into the crux of the story line I was hooked. I’m currently on the fourth book (A Feast For Crows), stuck is more like it, as it’s been a constant passenger by my side every day. Being a first year law student leaves very little time for extra-curricular reading but hardly stops me from sneaking a read every chance I get.

This new found onslaught of work is certainly not going to deter me from finishing the entire series. I am a determined addict eagerly awaiting the much needed holiday time. For all those who are yet to venture into the books I suggest you get started immediately.

Even if you’re already a fan of the television series, invest in the books anyway. The prose, character development, language and settings are beautifully written and incredibly vivid. Although a little warning from the lips of one who has gone before you, in the Game of Thrones no one is safe, expect the unexpected and since saying any more would constitute a spoiler, be prepared for the great adventure that awaits.

Ifeoluwatolani Omotola

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