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West Side Story: The Shark Boys


Footlights’ weekly column gives us a snapshot into what is happening in the run up to ‘West Side Story’, their Northcott show.

This week’s Footlights’ blog introduces the Puerto Rican Shark Boys. The boys range from 1st year to 4th and study a broad scape of subjects from Russian to Drama. For some of them West Side Story is their first Footlights’ show, whereas for others it’s their second.

Tickets for West Side Story are now on sale at www.exeternorthcott.co.uk or on 01392 493 493!

Henry Cox with dance partner Harriet Doyle. Image credit: Joanna Tew
Henry Cox with dance partner Harriet Doyle. Image credit: Joanna Tew
Image credit: Footlights
Image credit: Footlights

A note from one of our producers, Amy Collins:

Producing West Side Story for Footlights has been one of the most hectic and stressful experiences I have ever encountered! However, I count myself lucky that for every meeting I attend or email I reply to, there is always a wonderful moment to balance it out and make my job incredibly enjoyable.

The cast have been working very hard, and I always love going into rehearsals to see how they are progressing. I’m continually impressed by how far the show has come in the short time we’ve been working on it- I know I could never do it which is why I’m behind the scenes!

Producing a show on this scale is not without its challenges, and my co-producer Joanna and I have effectively moved into the A&V hub where we drink too much coffee and irritate the staff with all our questions. But all the admin will be worth it come opening night!

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Tickets available from www.exeternorthcott.co.uk | 01392 493 493.


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