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Campus accommodation rent could rise in 2014/15

Image credit: Nik Rahmel
Image credit: Niklas Rahmel

The University’s Campus Services office has announced plans to increase rental fees for on-campus accommodation in the 2014/15 academic year.

The proposed fee hikes range from two to four-and-a-half per cent, depending on the type of accommodation. These adjustments were developed by Campus Services after consultation with the Students’ Guild.

This information is likely to have the most impact on new students, as returning students’ options for campus accommodation are limited to the studio apartments at Birks’ Grange Village.

According to an article on the Students’ Guild website, student experience, and value for money were but some of the considerations that went into the rent proposals.

In the same article, Guild President Hannah Barton explained that it was “disappointing that a freeze on rent cannot be sustained”, and that her “greatest concern is the affordability of university accommodation, most especially for students from low income backgrounds”.

To address her concern, Ms Barton is working with the University to develop additional financial support for those who wish to take up accommodation on campus.

One positive for her though is that rent is increasing by less than inflation for “just over half” of the University’s accommodation.

When asked about the proposed rent increases, Russell Teoh, a first-year student said: “So long as the campus services provided to students remain efficient, minor increases like these ones will probably be accepted”.

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Bryan Toh, News Team

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