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Mock News Workshop: Robber Targets Forum Marketplace


This story is fake and was created for the purpose of the mock news workshop. 

Image Credit: Liam Trim
The scene of the crime.
Image Credit: Liam Trim

A female robber targeted the Forum Marketplace at the University of Exeter, in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The robbery took place by the chilled food section of the Marketplace, with the robber’s key target being pork pies. A bystander described the thief as a 5″3 attractive, “smug-looking” woman, who said she did it because her landlord put her rent up and she could not afford food.

Exeposé was alerted to the situation at 12:40pm by an anonymous tip-off, and spoke to one of the police officers that descended upon the scene: “We’re really trying to crack down on crimes but we can’t really be expected to keep order with the recent weather.”

The shopkeeper was also present at the scene and was irate, saying “They stole millions and millions of pork pies.”

With the evidence of pork pies remaining on her face, the robber will be taken to a local police station where she will be charged with theft. Speaking to the thief after the event, she said “I hope they have mercy on me.”

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