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“New Year, New You?” A Diet Review


I’m sure you’ve seen all of those predictable Facebook statuses. They’re boring and we’ve all had enough. Diets are the main thing you’ll want to adapt for the new year, but before you do don’t fall for the trap. Here’s a breakdown of some of the top diets and whether or not it’s worth your time and money.


Image Credit: Weightwatchers
Image Credit: Weightwatchers

Possibly the biggest there is. But not quite as big as its customers. Not a diet but a lifestyle. Diet plans with weekly meetings, think Little Britain.

With a worth of a whopping £5 billion it makes you wonder why a successful diet is still in business…

Channel 4s Dispatches outlined that 3% of people actually kept off their weight. With an estimated £100 spent per pound lost.

You work out your allowances based on points, they’re labelled on all their products, and trying to work out something that’s not branded is a nightmare. You won’t bother; they know that, more money for them. Not only that what you are allowed is pathetic, I personally would waste away. But then again I suppose I’d have lost the weight. Better make that a 4% success rate.

Not only will they take your money but you’ll be no lighter for it. The proof is in the pudding and they just keep on serving.


Score: 0/10   Expensive, time consuming and pathetic portions.


2. Paleo Diet – EAT LIKE A CAVEMAN!

Paleo, referring to Palaeolithic, takes you back the caveman era. Think hunter gatherer, me chase down antelope kind of thing. What you found is what you ate. No processed foods, no pesticides and no genetic modification. No bread, no pasta, no cheap meats. This low carb diet might sound great, but unless your minted it’s pretty damn difficult.

Food should be organic and ‘natural’, wild game and non-processed foods will be the stacking up your shopping trolley and your food bill. A fridge full of pheasant, venison, nuts and fresh veg.


Delicious…eat up, it’s just about all the carbs you’re allowed. Image Credit: Scott Redington
Delicious…eat up, it’s just about all the carbs you’re allowed. Image Credit: Scott Redington

Delicious…eat up, it’s just about all the carbs you’re allowed.

If you’ve ever cut carbs you’ll know just how insanely difficult it is. Mood swings, cravings and the loss of will to live are the main side effects with this up and coming diet.

Despite this, if you’ve got the will power and the pocket to match, then I do actually recommend this diet. Cutting out processed foods and sticking to quality protein is a good general way to eat.


Score: 8/10 Expensive, but can show great results.


3. 5:2 Diet – Live Longer For Less?

5:2 referring to days of the week, means that 5 days you eat relatively normally and 2 you’re fasting, which is 25% of normal calorie intake (males 600kcal, females 500kcal). 5 days of relaxed eating for 2 days of fasting. PERFECT. Easier said than done. This miracle diet claims to boost weight loss and increase life span. What’s not to love?

It works by promoting your body to repair old cells and not create new ones. Some even claim it reduces the chances of cancer by stopping the mutation and excessive production of new cells.

Diet and a cancer prevention?! That’s buy one get one free. Bargain.

Following this diet you’ll cut around 3,000 calories a week, which is basically not eating for 1 day a week. Before you know it those love handles will be melting away. IF, and it’s a big IF, you can do this without eating your own arm then I commend thee. But I bet you won’t.

I love fasting. Image Credit: Scott Redington
I love fasting. Image Credit: Scott Redington

Score: 4/10  impractical, difficult, potential loss of limb


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