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Fashion Fridays: The New Year Swap


According to Coco Chanel “A woman who has changed her hair is about to change her life”. I swapped my long brown hair for a blonde chop this New Years and by jumping on this ‘clueless’ bandwagon I bought myself a fluffy pink coat and tartan skirt to finish off the look. I may have taken this ‘New Year, new start’ nonsense to the extreme, so here are a few subtle New Year Swaps you fashionista’s should have in mind!


SWAP – Long Hair For The Midi

NEED PHOTO CREDIT Elle Style Awards 2012 - London
Alexa Chung, Huffingtonpost.co.uk

Gone are those days of long luscious locks, if you really want pull a fashion statement go for a blunt chop. Think Alexa Chung and Suki Waterhouse, use salt spray to have that tousled bed head look or go sleek with straighteners.


SWAP – Baggy Parkas For A Boyfriend Tailored Coat

Coat, £89 Topshop.com
Coat, £89 Topshop.com

I know we are now located in Devon and these storms seem to washing us all the way down Forum Hill but when the weather is nice and crisp, put away that parka and let your shoulders triumph in an oversized Tailored coat. Go a step further by ditching the boring greys and blacks and picking up a pastel coat from the High street. It will brighten up any third year’s Monday morning (Trust me- anything helps!).


SWAP – Low Necks For High Necks

High Neck, £22, Asos.com
High Neck, £22, Asos.com

It’s getting a little chilly and you’ve forgotten your scarf- but do not fear, you have a high neck on! This easy swap not only keeps you nice and toasty but it will definitely transform any look. Add a cute little pendant and put your hair up to show your style off.


SWAP – Flats For Platforms

Screen shot 2014-01-11 at 20.41.59
Vagabond, £70, Office, Photo Credit – Sophie Lloyd

 Avoid getting your feet wet by swapping your flats for platforms. Not only can you walk through puddles and satisfy that little child in you but it will also enhance the length of your legs. Think 60’s mod and Spice Girls and stick to block colours. Cut out boots have also been my favourite fashion addition this season, as you can jazz your shoes up with funky little socks.


SWAP – Chunky Necklaces For Delicate Pendants

Neclace, £10, Urbanoutfitters.com
Neclace, £10, Urbanoutfitters.com

It’s all about being minimal around your face with jewellery this season. Gold or silver, just do not go over the top with jewels. Keep it simple by digging out that little pendant your grandmother gave you as a kid and stealing your mothers silver hoops. Of course, this is not the case with your rings. ALWAYS think phoebe from ‘Friends’ when decorating your hands.


SWAP – Skinny Jeans For Mom Jeans

Mom Jeans, £75, Americanapparel.net
Mom Jeans, £75, Americanapparel.net

Skinny jeans have and always will be fashionable but they do get a little tiresome. Swap these for some curve hugging mom jeans. If you have been slacking on the squats this month and are worried that your bum doesn’t look perky enough and your waist isn’t as small as it once was, then mom jeans are an absolute winner. Extremely high-waisted, they rest on the most flattering part of your stomach and then have a slight bagginess to enhance your gorgeous curves.


SWAP – Snap Back for The Beanie:

Screen shot 2014-01-11 at 20.44.34
Beanie, Urban Outfitters, £16, Photo Credit – Sophie Lloyd

Now I am not one to go against your choice of hat. I know very well that choosing a hat to suit your face shape can be a tricky situation. However, if you are one of those lucky people who have a face shape that suits all then why not try out the beanie. Borrowing from the 90’s again, however this time from the grunge trend. Team with your mom jeans and chunky boots to really look like you’ve stepped back about 20 years in time.


This Week’s Fashion Icon:


Photo Credit - Thegloss.com
Photo Credit – Thegloss.com


Sophie Lloyd, (Check her instagram for more inspiration -Sophiesarahmaylloyd)

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