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Live Review: A1 Bassline @ Cellar Door


Exeposé Music went Quayside to check out A1 Bassline perform at the Cellar Door. Kiah Shabka explains how it got pretty dark down in the basement…

Image Credit: Facebook.com/A1Bassline
Image Credit: Facebook.com/A1Bassline

Armed with the promise of ‘fresh, darker techno.’ we donned the obligatory denim shorts/crop top combo and made our way down to the Quay to see the Thick as Thieves residents and headliner A1 Bassline. Making up half of the newly-formed Laszlo Dancehall and having just launched his own label, Sourceunknwn, we were expecting big things. As usual, The Thieves did not disappoint. Once residents Aerial and Vandeleur had warmed the crowd up with ambient blend of house and techno, Brighton-based A1 made a fashionably late appearance, delivering a set that proved he was worth the wait.

As we made our way through the eager masses to get a sought-after space by the decks, the urge to join with the contagious, trance-like swaying so unique to Cellar Door became unbearable. A1’s infectious bass proved impervious to claims by some that ‘no one likes House music.’ On the contrary, hi-hat melodies complimented epileptic snares to form unique minimal sounds that proved popular with TaT freshers and veterans alike. The ‘fresh, darker techno’ we were promised was more than delivered and A1 provided us with a magnetism that pulled the crowd towards the decks faster than rugby lads to the TP burger van.

It’s safe to say that the Thieves have started Term Two on top form, and with the announcement of their new festival this summer, Hijacked, they have a big year ahead of them.

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