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Student bikes stolen in series of bicycle thefts

Ned Aufenast's bike was stolen from Stocker Road on Thursday Image credit: Ned Aufenast
Ned Aufenast’s bike was stolen from Stocker Road on Thursday
Image credit: Ned Aufenast

Three Exeter University students have been victimised in a recent series of bike thefts in Exeter.

The students all had their bikes, valued at between £250 and £550, stolen on and around Streatham Campus in the last three days, including from student accommodation.

Engineering student Ned Aufenast’s Hardrock mountain bike was stolen from the main undercover rack on Stocker Road near the library at between 12 p.m. and 8 p.m., Thursday 16 January.

Despite the bike being secured, the thief was able to cut through the heavy duty cable lock. Aufenast, who runs a business importing bikes from Holland, had another previous bike stolen while in Exeter.

“I never would have expected bike thefts to happen during the day in such a busy place.” Aufenast told Exeposé, “I use my bike all the time for getting to uni and for cross country trekking. I will be sure to take more care with where I leave any bike I bring here in the future and get a decent D Lock!”

Third year Biosciences student, Emma Renshaw also had her Grey Carerra Subway hybrid taken from campus on Thursday evening. The bike was lifted from the bicycle racks outside Streatham Court at between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. Like Aufenast’s, the bike was chained securely with a cable lock and key.

Emma Renshaw's Grey Carerra Subway was stolen yesterday evening  Image credit: Emma Renshaw
Emma Renshaw’s bike (pictured without bag and lights attached) was stolen from campus yesterday evening
Image credit: Emma Renshaw

Renshaw told Exeposé: “It’s sad that a bike lock and CCTV isn’t enough to put off bike theft on campus. It’s very disheartening and frustrating because I used the bike a lot to explore Devon and they’ve taken that away from me, especially as I can’t afford to replace it.”

An additional third bike was stolen this week, at some point between the morning of 14 January and 16 January from a locked bike shed in St. David’s student village near Streatham Campus.

The police told Exeposé that they have not yet linked the thefts but may do so in due course. They are currently being investigated as thefts and the police appealed for anyone who had seen anybody suspicious or any information about the bikes in question to get in contact.

Olivia Luder, Online Editor

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