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Late Night Lists: Things that are bloomin’ marvelous about eBart submission


There was a time when submitting your work meant buckling on your boots, zipping up your coat and heading out into the wilds of Streatham Campus in order to physically hand it all in.

Things have changed this year. And it’s time we gave eBart the love and attention it deserves. Instead of having to leave your house and potentially suffer through some social interaction, you can now give in your academically-dazzling assignments with a simple series of clicks.

We’ve listed the best bits of using eBart submission…

Image credit: Johan Summers

1. Pajamas. There is no need to dress to impress when it’s just you sitting alone in your bedroom with only the internet for company. Don those jammies and keep on jammin’.

2. Again, you can wear pajamas. Or a towel. Or nothing at all. It is completely and utterly up to you.

3. Multipel submitions. Multipel submissiosns. Mutliple submissions. Multiple submissions. Realise you never edited out that mid-essay swearword meltdown? Cited your mum as the author of all of your sources? Accidentally written that Amanda Kiss’n’hug was the person who assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand? Fear not – you can upload as many crappy drafts as you like until the deadline’s up.

4. No grappling with those pieces of technological junk we laughingly refer to as printers. Seriously you mechanical ink boxes, you! It’s 2014 – up your game guys!

5. 9:55 a.m. has never been so full of promise. Instead of having to stumble back, half-asleep across campus, you can simply roll over and get that lie in you so deserve. You can also make a lot of toast if you want. Perhaps pancakes if you’re feeling adventurous. No holds barred my friends, no holds barred.

6. There are no staples involved, those dastardly metal devils. Or paperclips. Or paper. Or anything physical at all.

Are you an eBart fan? What do you wear when you submit your assignments? Let us know on Facebooktwitter or in the comments below…

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