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New Year, New You: A BodySoc Tale


With the dawn of a new year returns the seemingly futile act of compiling a list of activities you shall undertake to transform your body from that of a hibernating bear into a Victoria’s Secret model.

Just from speaking to friends I noticed that keeping (or more often than not – getting) fit is one of the most common resolutions to make. So the inevitable question is; how do we ensure that we complete this resolution?

If not just for the physical improvement we will see, but also for the psychological satisfaction we will get from having successfully completed a goal. While words like shredding, skinny bitch, abs, or calories slowly creep into your everyday vocabulary, you gradually try to convince yourself that this year you shall finally see your abs or that you will feel comfortable in a bikini.

But is it really realistic? Will you trek all the way up Forum hill and that extra bit to The Sports Park to make that 7am spinning class? Sticking to resolutions can be daunting, especially when you’re trying to go it alone.

Here is where BodySoc comes into the picture. Not heard of us? Oh well there is much for you to learn and an unlimited amount of calories to burn! Rather than obsessing over fad diets and killing ourselves at the gym, our ethos is based on working hard whilst having fun and looking a little bit ridiculous with your mates at the same time – you’ll be surprised by how much fitter you feel in just a few weeks!

Zumba anyone? Image Credit: Cimm
Zumba anyone? Image Credit: Cimm

Classes run 7 days a week and range from Zumba®, a chance to feel like Shakira and shake your booty like J-LO, to Hybrid Flowga, something which I personally tried this weekend and has left my body tingling for days. We also offer the classical Pilates and Yoga classes to strengthen the core and improve your toning. Then there are the committee favourites; LBT (Legs, Bums and Tums) and Intervals. While the former aims to perk every bit of your body the latter is a high intensity cardio workout that will leave you panting and wishing the clock ticked faster.

Do not be fooled by the illusion that we’re a society that aimlessly squat and wear a lot of pink – these are some of the hardest classes you will ever do and will certainly leave you giving the sports members a run for their money at the gym! We’re certainly not just for the fairer sex either, but welcome guys at all of our classes. Real men wear pink and all that!

The prices per class will give you another reason to come, for a quid you can burn off all the guilt – alas not the shame – of your Wednesday TP burger at our cardio classes, Pilates and Yoga being £2, and if you want a quick blast at your Abs on a Monday evening it’ll only cost you 50p at Ab Attack Lite.

Aside from all of this we have an active membership which currently stands at 1100+ members, making us the largest society on campus, so there is also the chance to make new friends and get involved in the biggest and best socials. Last term our members enjoyed a cocktail master class, a £2 day trip to the Bath Christmas Market, discounted Itchy Feet tickets and much more and we’re following suit this term with a chance to reward your efforts and spend a whole day at a luxury Spa in Exeter. We shall be culminating the term with our very exciting and lavish Easter Ball which will indeed be a night to remember.

Not just a workout society... Image Credit Stewart Black
Not just a workout society… Image Credit Stewart Black

So to sum up, if you’ve made a resolution to get fit, feel comfortable in a bodycon dress or just simply to get more involved in societies on campus, come to our classes, like us on Facebook and find us via the Guild Website – but beware! Prices say £20 but they are actually £12 to join for the remainder of the academic year!

Bethany Stuart and Charlie Abrines

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