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Continuing our Society Spotlight feature, Exeposé Books takes a look at what the Literary Society is all about…

litsoc logo‘So what’s the difference between LitSoc and the English Society?’ A question that most LitSoc members have fielded at least once. The answer? The English Society is an academic society for people who study the subject, whereas the Literary Society is a place for anyone and everyone who likes books.

In LitSoc we have everyone from engineers to historians, and of course, like every books-related society, a good number of English students as well. The one thing we all have in common is a love of books.

The aim of LitSoc is to get all these campus book-lovers together to meet like-minded people and have a good ol’ chinwag about books, whether this is over a pint or two (and a pizza) in the Old Firehouse, or at a tea party with ample amounts of cake.

We organise regular book nights where we chat about a work that has particularly interested us. We also hold book swaps – to expand our collection of reading material and finally get rid of those copies that we’re never actually going to read – and screenings of films that have been adapted from our favourite literature.

We enjoy going on trips; last term saw a visit to Bath to check out the Jane Austen museum and the renowned Christmas market. Later this term we will hopefully be travelling to Hay-on-Wye to browse its impressive collection of second hand bookshops.

We also enjoy a good literary-themed party. We’re already getting excited about our Ball on a Boat taking place at the end of term. This will be a party with a Death on the Nile theme on a boat making its way up the river Exe from Exmouth, to see out the LitSoc year in style!

Perhaps my favourite aspect of LitSoc is the sheer range of literary interests that it encompasses. Whether you’re a lifelong Sherlockian, a lover of poetry or someone who enjoys nothing more than a good bestseller, there will be people in LitSoc who share your interests.

However interesting the books on your course, we all need a chance to broaden our literary horizons and read for pure enjoyment. We all need an opportunity to chat about books in a context where we don’t always have to keep half a mind on thoughts of essays and exams. If you’re worried that university is in danger of taking your love of reading away – don’t be! LitSoc gives you the chance to enjoy talking about books for its own sake and rediscover your old literary loves.

Equally, if you feel that there’s no space to explore books within your chosen course, LitSoc can provide the perfect outlet for your reading impulses. What better antidote to heavy course textbooks than losing yourself in a discussion about your favourite author?

Ultimately, LitSoc is the place for people who love reading to get together and talk about it.

Sophie Beckett, Online Books Editor

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