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Golden Globes 2014: Fashion Round-up


Forget the films, music-scores and awards, this year’s Golden Globes was all about one thing (well, as far as we here at Expose Fashion are concerned anyway!), the dresses. From Taylor Swift to our very own and very lovely Michelle Dockery (Downton Abbey’s Lady Mary), the stars came out in force for the 71st annual ceremony to show off their fashion credentials, and boy did they succeed. Not only was the fashion simply divine darling but we here in good old England have cause to be just a little bit proud as the red carpet was absolutely rocked by the British actresses in attendance (not that we’d ever be biased in such important matters). So, here at Expose, we attentively watched the proceedings in order to bring all you fashion-lovers the top five outfits from the night and aren’t there some stunners…


Emma Watson – Dior

Emma Watson, Dior, redcarpet-fashionawards.com




Never one to play it safe when it comes to fashion, or for that matter look anything less than pristine, Watson once again showed the fashion world how it’s done in this elegant yet daring Christion Dior backless red gown, paired with silk cropped trousers and matching Rover Vivier navy pumps. What an outfit, what a girl.





Taylor Swift – Carolina Herrera





Yet another lady in red, Taylor Swift opted for a sophisticated and chic look with this strapless Herrera dress. Combining her stunning dress with beautiful soft curls and a touch of red lipstick Swift was without a doubt the queen of the red carpet this year.








Michelle Dockery – Oscar de la Renta




We’ve loved both Dockery and la Renta for rather a long time now so when the two came together in this absolute triumph of a look, we very almost cried tears of pure joy (we held back of course, we’re grown-ups silly!). This off-white sequined dress complimented Dockery’s pale skin giving her a gorgeous glow and the mullet-hem allowed her to show off just a little bit of leg. Fab!








Dame Helen Mirren – Jenny Packham




British fashion royalty, Helen Mirren rarely puts a foot out of place when it comes to the red carpet and this year’s Globes was no exception. In a mint floor-length gown covered in glittery floral-designs and cinched at the waist to flatter her incredible figure the Dame didn’t look a day over fifty in this exceptional outfit. We, on the other hand, can only pray we look this good at sixty-eight!







Zoey Deschanel – Oscar de la Renta




Although causing some contention (some loved, some hated, we yawned), here at Expose we were completely smitten with Deschanel’s metallic two-piece from designer of the night – Oscar de la Renta. Although the detailed embroidery and beading of the outfit could have ended up looking overly cutesy, the kooky star of sitcom New Girl managed to pull off this tricky combo and look ridiculously gorgeous in it. Could she be our new fashion crush of 2014? Only time will tell…






Iona Swannell 

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