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Fewer phones found in examinations


Exam in progressAllegations of mobile phone use during exams have decreased during the recent exam period. Following campaigns from the Students’ Guild, January saw a significant reduction in the number of alleged cases involving the use of mobile phones or electronic devices.

The use of a mobile during an exam, considered a disciplinary offence by the University, can lead to the failure or disqualification of a student. The 2011-2012 academic year recorded 61 offenses concerning electronic devices, representing a 79 per cent augmentation on statistics from the previous year’s exams. Following this, 2013 saw the Guild raise awareness that “mobile phones and exams don’t mix”. Guidance included giving the phone to invigilators or friends, or making use of the lockers in the Forum. Above all, it was advised that students left their phones at home to avoid any risks.

VP Alex Louch led a campaign setting out to address the persistent problem of students being found with mobiles in exams. Louch told Exeposé: “In addition to regular measures such as posters and messages on exam tables, we have increased our use of social media channels and the sabbatical officers defied the terrible weather to speak to students around campus wearing mobile phone costumes”. A giant Guild mobile phone was also placed around campus during exam week reminding students to be aware of their phones.

The University witnessed a significant decrease of offenses for the 2012-2013 academic year, with 22 electronic device-related incidents. Each allegation is investigated by a review panel and although this process hasn’t reached completion for the January exam period of 2014, it can be confirmed that allegations relating to mobiles have fallen dramatically since this time last year.

VP Academic Affairs Alex Louch told Exeposé: “I’m delighted that the rate of allegations relating to possession of mobile phones by candidates in the examination venue is nearly down almost 60 per cent against this time last year. Allegations of academic misconduct relating to mobile phones are completely avoidable and the Students’ Guild has worked closely with the University to address this issue during January exam week”.

Lauren Swift, Copy Editor

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