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Headshot: Quentin Tarantino


Jarrett Banks thinks the director of Django is better than a Big Kahuna Burger, and here’s why…

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When sitting down to watch a Tarantino film I am always engulfed by the sharp colors that take me back to a childhood of comic books. This blurred line between reality and fiction is then further extenuated by a collection of cool, strange and wonderful characters that are always involved in some haphazard yet complex web of storylines.  Awkward camera angles are all part of the experience as you wait for a Tarantino-esque blood fest packed full of violence, blood, martial arts and badass one-liners that leave you wishing you were involved. 

Yet more impressive is his personal story. A man without a college degree, a man whose only insight into filmmaking was through working at a local video store, where any spare money was used to fund his own projects. This he attributes as his film school.

In 1992 he had his first flavour of success with the feature film, Reservoir Dogs. After being screened at the Sundance Festival, it paved the way for a fruitful and credible career as he created one highly acclaimed film after another. He won a Palme d’Or for Pulp Fiction shortly after, a film that continued to rack up awards with BAFTA’s, Academy Awards and Golden Globes, often for best original screenplay.  

I believe further credit is due for the fact he has been able to carve his name firmly on the furniture within every Westerner’s home, despite being a strong advocate of independent film. Refusing to sell out and conform to the monopoly of Hollywood, he has withheld his integrity by offering his own alternative spins on classic genres. Which I believe is a spur of hope in a fight against the dull, recycled cinema that is omniscient within the film industry of today. 

His alternative approach to cinema is never without its critics and his use of violence and racial epithets are continually scrutinized. But who cares? You know what your getting when you sign up for a Tarantino movie, I will nail bitingly wait for his next movie and continue to be enthralled by the spectacle he provides.

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