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5 election gaffes for 2014’s Sabb Candidates to avoid

With this year’s Sabb Elections approaching in early February, Online Editor Liam Trim points out some of the recent political gaffes student candidates could learn from…

Image Credit: mommasaid.net
Image Credit: mommasaid.net

Whether you’re Nick Clegg, Barack Obama or the next Guild President, everyone makes mistakes. But the difference between an honest slip-up and a humiliating gaffe can be especially important in the world of political campaigning.

Hopefully the following gaffes can serve as helpful cautionary tales for this year’s batch of eager wannabe Sabbs. And if it all goes wrong regardless then don’t worry, surely it’s ok for us students to make little errors while we’re young? These experienced politicians don’t have that excuse!

1) DON’T forget to be nice to your voters at all times, as it’s always easy to overlook a microphone…


2) DO keep your promises. Especially to students. They have good memories…

3) DON’T opt for an expensive, airbrushed poster campaign. Airbrushing + misleading slogans = recipe for mockery…

4) DON’T insult your friends. In a week of competitive campaigning, you’ll need support and rest with allies, so don’t stress or get too big for your boots…

5) DO accept you will make mistakes. With so many rules and protocols gaffes will happen without you even realising it…


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Liam Trim, Online Editor

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