Union Road episode 7 (Wednesday 22 January 2014) by Union Road on Mixcloud

1395940_228462757316679_961610587_n“Oh dear God,” said George Lazenby, “I don’t think I can take another revelation!”

Neither can we!

So much has happened since Union Road began way back in November – if you missed any of the drama then Vanessa Tracey is here to remind you what has happened up until last week’s episode. Then you can catch up on last week’s above!

This year has already been a tough one for Union Road. The street was preparing itself for Mr Lazenby’s memorial service. Yes the Lazenbys bickered, and yes Linda unsuccessfully tried to keep her mouth shut, but what we didn’t expect is that shop owner Katya would commit suicide and join her dead lover!

Did anyone see that one coming? How much money in the bag did she leave for Samuel? How will Linda and Jenny cope with the guilt?

Meanwhile, the Lazenbys were seen reeling after Samuel’s decision to finally come out to his family. With the Lazenbys there was always going to be a bad reaction, but how difficult will things be for Samuel? Are he and Jake even properly together? When will their housemate Lola find out?

Elsewhere on the street, Mary was still struggling to leave Billy on his own for more than two seconds but the news of suicide could spur Thomas into action. Will he finally seize the day and go on a date with Mary? Will something else get in their way this time?

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Vanessa Tracey, Copy Editor


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