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Review: RUBY Modern Diner!


With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, we’re paying a visit to some of our favourite haunts in Exeter to bring you a few ideas of where to spend your evening. First up on the list, RUBY Burgers on Queen Street!

Ruby Burgers
RUBY Modern Diner

If the name didn’t give it away, RUBY’s is an American style diner well known for its wide range of burgers. And despite only being open for 12 months (Happy 1st Birthday!) it has already won a few prestigious food awards including; Taste of the West 2013 Gold award and Best Takeaway at the Food & Drink Devon Awards.

We took a seat in a comfy leather booth and started the evening with the highly recommendable Oreo milkshake, which was potentially a mistake as it was so delicious and thick and creamy, that it was probably too filling to wolf down before our burgers arrived!

Oreo Milkshake
Oreo Milkshake

But then again, when they did, we had no problem polishing them off; the meats are all locally sourced and the namesake ‘Ruby’ beef burger was certainly bursting with juicy flavour. We also tried the ‘Panko’ breaded chicken burger, another delight with generous helpings of cheese.

For those eyeing up a vegetarian option, the haloumi burger is an utterly delicious meat-free taste adventure consisting of a falafel patty with haloumi (cleverly named, the ‘Faloumi’). The pulled pork bun, and the ‘Reuben’ are also house specialities to be sure to watch out for!

Pulled Pork Bun
Pulled Pork Bun

The burgers come on their own so you do have to order any sides separately, but we certainly suggest adding a portion of the perfectly cooked hand-cut sweet potato fries, and if you fancy spicing up the date a little, throwing in a little more flavour with the poppers; breaded and fried jalapeno peppers with cheese.

Be warned though, these can get pretty hot!

Ruby Burgers

Despite being somewhat stuffed, we finished up the evening with a hot waffle topped with ice-cream and smothered with toffee sauce – a treat for any sweet tooth.

If you’re looking for a relaxed, casual feel-good evening, RUBY’s is a definite contender for your special night; sit back in a booth and let the American soundtrack wash over you while you enjoy an Oreo milkshake (it’s even better than it sounds!).

Stay tuned and check out our Facebook for a VERY exciting Valentine’s competition:

Ruby’s are offering a private booth and meal for two for Valentine’s Day!

Have you eaten at RUBY’s? What did you think? Let us know on Facebook, twitter or in the comments below…

Emma Brisdion, Lifestyle Online Editor

(Images from Erin Allgrove, RUBY Modern Diner)

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