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The Ram: To Queue or Not to Queue?


Never afraid to tackle the most divisive issues on campus, Online Comment editors Dave Reynolds and James Bennett discuss whether you should be queueing for a pint in The Ram.

It’s lunchtime in the Ram and you’re absolutely starving, craving some chicken bites and curly fries. You’d fancy your chances of getting served fairly quickly at the bar given a free-for-all but for no apparent reason there’s a queue running right down the walkway towards the pool table. What on earth is going on?

Photo Credits: Niklas Rahmel
Photo Credits: Niklas Rahmel

We’ve consulted quite a few people on the issue and the majority do not understand why a queue forms but feel obliged to join it anyway. Why then is nobody brave enough to fight the status-quo and make that leap of faith? It is difficult pushing in as the fear of someone having a go at you for doing so is quite a deterrent.

“There’s no need to queue. This is just like any other bar” is shouted out by one of the bar staff on many occasions but nobody appears to listen. People just seem to love queuing.

Those who were in favour of queuing described anyone who pushed in as rude, obnoxious and down-right un-British. How dare somebody get served before someone who arrived earlier?

The layout of The Ram also doesn’t help the situation. A queue can form quite naturally as it is all fairly narrow, and once a few people start a queue at the front, it becomes quite difficult to skip it.

You have to wonder why Exeter students are so keen to to form an orderly queue in pursuing their pint, but come essay deadlines it’s a veritable free-for-all at any Bart submission desk. Among the pyjama-clad, paper-clipping masses you’re lucky to survive the ordeal without an elbow to the ribs or a stapler to the temple, let alone the idea of an orderly line come 09:56.

So, maybe we should all stop queuing in The Ram and get served on the merit of our ability to fight through people, look authoritative and wave cash under the bartender’s nose in true British style.

Dave Reynolds and James Bennett

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What’s your opinion on the issue? Are you a queuer or a pusher? Leave a comment below or write to the Comment team at the Exeposé Comment Facebook Group or on Twitter @CommentExepose.

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