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January New Releases


If you’re looking to escape the January blues look no further than this month’s selection. Escape with a suspense-filled thriller, some historical romance or a novel immersed in geek-culture…

Cavendon Hall – Barbara Taylor Bradford

Cavendon hallNumber One New York Times bestselling author Barbara Taylor Bradford is set to enthrall readers yet again with her dramatic historical romance. This mesmerising novel of secrets, love and treachery is set around the lives of two families – the owners of Cavendon Hall, the Ingham family, and the Swann family who serve them. Lady Daphne is the family beauty, out-shining her three sisters and destined for a high-society marriage. But her future is soon to be altered forever after events in the devastating summer of 1913 threaten the Ingham name for good. With the threat of World War I looming over the two families the world as they know it is soon to be overturned, loyalties will be tested and uncertainty will thrive. The perfect read for any Downton fans pining for a period drama and the glitz of aristocratic life. British born Bradford has published twenty-nine books, is the recipient of numerous awards, and was appointed an OBE for her services to literature in 2007. Cavendon Hall is published in the UK on the 30th January.

Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell

fangirlThis coming-of-age tale of romance is embedded within the world of fan-fiction – the perfect supplement to that late night Tumblr addiction. Twin sisters Cath and Wren immersed themselves within the Simon Snow fandom from a young age, dependent upon support and comfort through trying times. Rereading, endlessly chatting on Simon Snow forums and writing reams of fanfiction was an integral part of Cath’s life. It became her coping mechanism, a world she could escape to and experiment with. But Cath is suddenly uprooted and thrust into a world removed from anything she has ever known. Both girls are off to college, and following their own separate paths. Cath will have to deal with a demanding roommate and her ever-present boyfriend, a professor who sees fan-fiction as the bane of his existence, and the constant worry of her lonely dad. She will have to build the courage to open her heart to new experiences, new loves, and to escape from living entirely within someone else’s fiction. Rainbow Rowell perfectly captures the turbulence of university life, captivating readers with a tender portrayal of geek-culture and its wider impacts. The first draft of Fangirl was written by Rowell as part of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in 2011, and later went on to be chosen as Tumblr’s first book club selection. Occasionally embarrassing, yet often funny, Fangirl is published in the UK on 30th January.

Innocence – Dean Koontz

InnocenceBestselling author Dean Koontz delves into the mysteries of the human soul in his latest masterpiece. Addison is a solitary man who lives beneath the city in exile, hiding from a society that will destroy him if he is ever seen. He seeks refuge amongst his books, and by night he traverses the network of drains and tunnels making his way to the central library. Here he meets Gwyneth, a female fugitive who also hides amongst the shadows, struggling to put her trust in anyone. A bond is created, and as fate would have it they are brought together in an hour of need. Innocence is an intense exploration of the marginalised within society. Arguably a new direction for the popular thriller writer, it is thought provoking and full of the talented prose one expects from Kootnz. Supernatural-thriller Innocence was published by Harper Collins on 2nd January.

Natalie Clark, New Releases Reporter

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