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Previously on Union Road…

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Missed any of the drama? So you can tune in on Wednesday at 5.45pm with the full picture, Vanessa Tracey is here to get you up to speed…

Same street, cataclysmic amounts of drama. It was another banger from Union Road last week as the hearse rolled in and lives moved on.

The shock of Katya’s suicide has left the street reeling but that doesn’t stop those on Union Road being wrapped up in themselves.

Linda and Jenny are struggling to cope with their own guilt but we all know what is really on Linda’s mind. Spotting brother and sister Ian and Harriet Lazenby kissing under the mistletoe has left her disgusted but will she be able to keep her mouth shut? A declaration of “I’ll tell them all!” suggests otherwise…

Further down the road, Thomas is spurred by the news and finally plucked up the courage to ask Mary on a date but she panicked at the last minute. Why does she struggle so much to leave Billy on his own? She finally agreed to a day out but will she balk at that opportunity as well? It’s only taken them three months to get to this point…!

Samuel ALMOST stunned the Lazenbys into silence with his coming out but the bickering soon resumed. Will George ever get over it? Samuel had to move in to the student house with his sort-of-but-not-really boyfriend Jake and Lola, who has been suffering from strange tingling pains in her arm. What is the matter with her? Will it happen again?

“I meant what I said, you know, this street is cursed”, said Mary – I think she may be right.

If my recap isn’t enough, then you can catch up on the previous episodes yourself on Mixcloud and check out the Facebook and Twitter page.

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