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The Editors Try… Yoga!


Last time we brought you our adventures trying out a Zumba class, and this week we present to you our first ever Yoga class!

What Emma Thought:

Well what can I say, after my Zumba skills turned out somewhat disappointing, I was hardly expecting a perfect performance during Yoga.  True to form my balance and coordination failed me once again, though fortunately we didn’t film our escapades this week (sorry!). Having said that, despite trying to contort my body into shapes it has never made before, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I was a little sceptical when the instructor announced that for the past 21 years, I had not yet mastered breathing properly, but I can’t fault her methods during the class because Ben and I came away feeling very relaxed and refreshed, if a little sore.. And I can easily see why her class was so popular, I’ve never seen the Lemmy so full of completely sober students!

What Ben Thought:

OH MY GOD. That was something rather new to me. Having spent the majority of my physical activity in the gym, I knew this was going to an…experience. It is definitely harder than it looks! But equally worthwhile. Huge emphasis on breathing – but that’s hardly new to me with what acting experience I have had. Still, I was very impressed at how her techniques really worked to relax me. To any big gym-goers out there – maybe tacking on a bit of yoga could be just what you needed?

I should point out that while relaxed, that came after the session. The session definitely hurt, for the most part. But I can really see the benefits.

Now then, we may not have filmed it, but we did take some photos, which you can see at the top of this article! Enjoy, comment, make your screen-saver, or whatever you will. We won’t judge. Much.

Ben Gilbert and Emma Brisdion, Online Lifestyle Editors

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