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West Side Story: Tony and Maria


Footlights’ column gives us a snapshot into what is happening in the run up to ‘West Side Story’, first showing this Wednesday the 29th.

Today’s blog introduces Nick Kenchington, who plays Tony, and Amy McIntosh, who plays Maria. This is the couple who get caught up in the escalating rivalry between the Jets and Sharks. Watch the clip to hear them talk about the rehearsal process.

Amy McIntosh (Maria) Image credit: Katie Turner
Amy McIntosh (Maria)
Image credit: Katie Turner


A note from our Publicity Officer, Katie Turner:

Hello! I’m Katie, Footlights’ Publicity Officer. Marketing West Side Story has been a fantastic experience, it has been great to play with the rivalry between the Jets and Sharks; giving the gangs different colour stash, posters and their own Facebook pages to admin. Even the committee have had to choose sides – and I’m hoping those of you reading this have favored a gang too. I like to think that the marketing for the show has been constant; from “The Hop” event, social media and weekly blogs. It’s incredible that we have had over 2000 views on our official West Side Story trailer and 100% sell-out on ticket sales, making Footlights’ history! That’s 5 performances, 460 tickets a night, 2300 tickets sold.

To advertise a Northcott show of this scale is absolutely terrifying; truth be told I was not sure what I’d myself in for when I got the role of Publicity back in March last year! However the process has gone so fast, been very exciting and of course had its challenges. I have a wonderful marketing team who work alongside me, not only have they produced trailers, posters and thousands of photographs but they have also had to put up with my nagging, phone calls and emails! Unfortunately, this is the last Footlights Exepose blog but I hope you’ve enjoyed following the show’s process. On behalf of Footlights, thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy the show!

Nick Kenchington (Tony), and Amy McIntosh (Maria). Image credit: Joanna Tew
Nick Kenchington (Tony), and Amy McIntosh (Maria).
Image credit: Joanna Tew

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Katie Turner, Footlights Publicity Officer 13-14



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