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Footlights’ West Side Story: Interview with Tony

Image Credits: Footlights
Image Credits: Footlights

How long have you been involved with Footlights?

This is my fourth Footlights show. Pretty much the first thing I did in the first week of my first year was audition, and I’ve been a groupie ever since.

What can people expect from West Side Story?

They can expect an incredible show, Footlights’ best yet. If you love Shakespearian storylines, big dance numbers and beautiful music, this musical is for you!

What is the atmosphere like within the cast?

We all get on incredibly well, there’s never a dull moment. The only thing that has created tension is the recent discovery of the iPhone app ‘Quiz Up’, but it’s all in good fun! This group contains some of the most hard-working, loveable, enthusiastic people I know, it’s a great privilege to be performing alongside them all.

The jet boys  Image credit: Sam Loyd
The jet boys
Image credit: Sam Loyd

How have you personally prepared for the role of Tony?

Is it too cheesy to say that I feel like I’ve been preparing my whole life to play Tony? Probably. But the songs are some of my all-time musical favourites and preparation has just been about continuing to immerse myself in the story.

How has the show taken shape over the past few months?

The rehearsal schedule has been hard work, I won’t deny it, but it has been so wonderful to see it all come together. Particularly this last month with the intensity of Footlights week (7 days of rehearsals, 10am-6pm), we’ve really seen it come on: there’s not much left to do other than keep polishing it up!

What makes Footlight’s version of West Side Story different to all of the other performances of the show?

I’ve not seen the show in the theatre, so can’t tell you about concrete differences. It strikes me, though, that Footlights brings a really natural atmosphere. Scenes that could be cheesy have been toned down; scenes with huge emotional power have been made keener. All in all, everything is very real, and I think that will draw the audience in.

Describe the show in 3 words?

In. Freaking. Credible.


Nick Kenchington


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