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Grand Challenges scheme returns following inaugural success

Image credit: exeter.ac.uk
Image credit: exeter.ac.uk

Grand Challenges will be returning following the success of its initiation last year. The scheme is a week long programme in which all first year students from multiple disciplines work together to tackle 21st century societal challenges.

The scheme is set to run between 2-6 June. All first years are expected to take part, though it is hoped that second and third years will also take part if they missed the opportunity last year.

The scheme runs across the Streatham and Penryn campuses, and culminates with celebration events across the weekend.

This year the Grand Challenges offers nine topics to choose from during the application process. Designed to employ an interdisciplinary and interactive approach, the topics available are diverse, prompting students to consider and reflect upon important issues and questions, such as ‘No health without mental health?’, ‘Digital society: connected or isolated?’ and ‘Re-orienting Education: What might education look like if designed by learners?’.

Each topic has a lead academic in charge of overseeing the participants, similar to a module convenor, as well as an anchor academic role.

It is hoped this year’s scheme will build upon the success of last year. It appears the University’s website is keen to integrate as much social media interaction and promotion as possible, with Facebook and Twitter icons accompanying both the description of each topic and the sign up process.

Many participants relayed their support of Grand Challenges, which has since been onto the schemes website. One sums up the scheme as particularly beneficial: it “helps you engage with the real world, doing something meaningful you can be proud of”.

Another student commented: “I wanted to experience presentations from high profile speakers and engage in debate about controversial topics”. Some noted the scheme was not easy, though rewarding: “It pushed me outside my normal comfort zone and got me absorbed with a group of brilliant group of students who I may not otherwise have met”.

More information about Grand Challenges can be found on the university’s website.

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